We take the stress out of managing your accounts, giving you the freedom to control your tax management, cash flow forecasting and financial reporting. Relying on an experienced partner such as O'Connell & Co means you can spend less time working IN your business and more time working ON it.

End-of-year Accounting

We review your accounts, prepare your annual financial reports and manage your tax obligations.

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Management Accounting

We decode the data and ready regular reports to help you make the best, most informed decisions for your business when it comes to freeing up cash flow, reducing expenses and increasing returns.

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Stay in control of your money and make the most of what you have. Good budgeting gives you the freedom to know how much you have, how much you need to spend and how close you are to meeting financial goals.

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Cash flow Forecasting

Cash flow is the crux of a business. Forecasting gives you insight into what challenges or opportunities might be coming up. We’ll assess your business to work out how often and how thorough cash flow forecasting needs to be.

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Tax Management

Pay tax on your terms. At O’Connell & Co we can show you how to gain control and increase flexibility over your tax payments, potentially saving you money and circumventing any penalty payments.

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Service Plans

Our service plans provide great value for our clients, and allow you greater control over monthly expenses as we agree on a fixed price.

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