Who are you trusting with your business? Who do you trust to do anything? People with experience of course, people who know what they’re doing.

At O’Connell & Co, over 35 years’ real world experience forms the basis for our dependable advice and accountancy services.

Business Advisory

At O’Connell & Co, we’ve put in the time – 35 years of it – to bring you the experience. We have the proven track record to be a valued partner in business.
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We make managing your accounts a much less stressful task. We can help you gain control of your cash flow, tax management and reporting, giving you more freedom in your business.
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Rural Accounting

Farming and agribusiness deals in some big numbers, and planning and forecasting are of the utmost importance.At O’Connell & Co, we have a history of providing specialist rural accounting an...
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Tax Services

Taxation can be a major business cost. We provide assistance and advice in many areas, working with you to minimise your tax within legal bounds, and help you avoid costly penalties.
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Asian client services我们精通普通话和粤语的会计能为您提供全方面的服务。服务内容我们为客户的提供商业咨询,会计和税务方面的全面服务。如果您对您新的投资或现有投资有任何问题,欢迎致电我们!如果您是新的投资者,我们可以提供如下服务:购买或出售现有企业 (Business Acquisitions or sale of your existing business...
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